Mr. Bean....Mr. Bean....Friday I was speaking with Vicki Davis at the Tri County Humane Society about all of the wonderful pets that are up for adoption.  Although I wasn't  actively "looking" for a pet, Vicki happened to tell me the story of Mr. Bean.  A very polite almost 7 year old male cat, that had been at the shelter for quite some time.  His owner had passed away,and he'd been at the shelter and in a foster shelter care ever since.  His story intriqued me...and so..I went to the the website and typed in Bean.  His handsome face popped up on the screen, and I thought...Hmmmm...Maybe this would be the purr-fect fit.

So Friday night, I decided to make a run over to the humane society.  When I got there, he had already been transported over to PetSmart for adoption.  This actually worked out well for me since I had an appointment that evening.  So after my appointment, I stopped by Petsmart on my way home and asked to see Mr. Bean.  He was very calm and cool...He purred quietly, and was very EASY GOING.

Kelly Cordes December 2013
Kelly Cordes December 2013

So...Through the store I quickly went...looking for Cat things....He rested comfortably in his carrier all the way home.  He seemed happy when he walked in the door.  I got up last night and went into the living room to check on him...It was quite a sight...My sons, my nephew, and Mr. Bean were all sitting on the couch playing video games.  Yes...They ALL gave me the same"What?  Can't a cat play a video game?"  It was perfect.  I realized...yes...This is the perfect pet for us.

When I woke up this morning to check on the kids and Mr. Bean, I found Mr. Bean resting comfortably on my son.  He stayed there all morning.  Yes...I think we're all fine.

Find the perfect pet for your home this holiday. Visit the Tri County Humane Society and have a happy holiday!   :-)