It may not feel like it with a snow storm in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, but spring is near. Please, hold your laughter.

One of the most sure signs of spring's arrival is the opening of (at least one of the) local DQs. When the Red Barn Dairy Queen location recently changed ownership the plan was to be open year-round.

However, the Red Barn location has been undergoing renovations since November and still isn't open. That location posted an update to its Facebook page on February 11th, telling ice cream cravers that the renovations "would begin in the next few weeks." So in other words, it'll be a while until we can get a Dilly Bar from that part of town.

Fear not frozen treat fans, for our long wait is almost over. There is a lactose light at the end of the tunnel!

The Sauk Rapids Dairy Queen location has posted a sign in the window with a glorious proclamation: "Opening February 25th!" That's THIS Friday. It's okay, freak out... I understand.

So whether you are looking for a blizzard, dilly bar, dipped cone or some other awesome thing that I have never heard of or tried, the wait is nearly over. I've never looked forward to Friday more than I am this week.

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