As parents I think we have all done the thing where we plan a day trip somewhere, spending a bunch of money and perhaps driving a great distance only for your child to announce their boredom five minutes after you arrive.

Sometimes, a little (and even free) thing can entertain our kids even more than a meticulously planned trip.

That was the case on Wednesday when the Sartell Police Department hosted a free Bike Rodeo for kids. The event featured a really neat bike riding course that included a roundabout, a bounce house and free hot dogs from the Sartell Lions Club.

The police officers that worked the event were very friendly and it was really nice to be able to interact with them in a casual setting. It was also really nice for my kids to see the police as people as opposed to something that could be scary or intimidating. After all, we are all human.


I think my kid set a record for most laps completed at a bike rodeo, as he cruised that course for over an hour and a half straight. He couldn't stop exclaiming "Woo-hoo" and "This is so fun!" as he whipped his training wheel bike from obstacle to obstacle.

As parents we are conditioned to think that spending money = your kids' happiness, but we are making it harder than it has to be. These fun community events are just as great for the kids and they help them be a bigger part of their communities.

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