For all we know, Minnesota's lawmakers are "lit up," too!

A clip from ABC's local Minnesota affiliate Channel 5 made a compilation video of May 2019 news bloopers. In it, KSTP's Lindsey Brown mistakes "landmarks" for "lawmakers" in a rather humorous Freudian slip:

"May is Lyme Awareness Month in Minnesota and today several lawmakers in the Cities will be lit up..."

Fortunately, she catches her mistake and corrects herself before breaking into laughter.

"...rather, landmarks...*laughs* that was a good one! Sorry!"

Further proving her ability to laugh at herself, Brown even shared a video of her slip-up on Twitter, saying, "I'm still giggling at "Lawmakers lit up green". Shame I was a week late for a 4-20 reference."

Watch the full reel of May's best news bloopers for yourself below!

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