We typically don't salute to the local curmudgeons amongst us, but today we'll make an exception by pointing them out and laughing at their crabbiness together!

The benefit of crowd-sourced aggregates like Google, Yelp and others is that you can get honest feedback and reviews from real people. Visiting a new city and want to try the best burger in town? Check the online reviews and see what customers have to say! Need to take your car in for a repair but want honest, fair service? See which autobody shop people recommend! Looking for a daycare for the kids or dog? Read through the comments from people who have done the same!

Even the best-rated service or business is going to have a negative review or two, however, whether fairly-deserved or not. Sometimes a restuarant has an off-day or doesn't meet a customer's expectations; sometimes an employee is having a rough day him- or herself. That's no excuse for poor service, of course, but an impression is an impression, and some online reviews reflect those unfortunate experiences. Some people, however, just never have anything positive to say. The following 10 Google reviews of Central Minnesota landmarks are an ode to those crabby curmudgeons:

10 Hilarious Bad Google Reviews of Central MN Landmarks

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