Revived video footage shows the demolition and construction of Melrose's City Center circa 1990.

A video published to Youtube Sunday shows old video footage of the demolition and construction of the City Center in Melrose, MN.

The video -- which is nearly an hour and a half long -- shows various stages of the demolition of the old city center in 1990 and construction of the new city center which housed the Melrose City offices, Melrose City library, Melrose PD and Mel TV studio and office.

According to the video's description, the footage is nearly 30 years old.

Beginning with the demolition of the old Melrose City Hall in 1990, this video shows the construction of the new Melrose City Center which would house the Melrose City Offices, the Melrose Library, the Melrose Police Department, and the Mel TV studio and office. The city center also add a few meeting rooms including the senior center located in the basement. The video ends with a tour of the finished facility in May 1991.

The video was posted to a Youtube channel titled MelTV3 Revived.

"Mel TV3 was the local cable access channel of Melrose, Minnesota," the channel's description reads, "from the mid 1980's through the early 2000's." Unfortunately, the city council decided to close the station, and the programs were given to the Melrose Area Historical Museum. Now, MelTV3 Revived is sharing revived footage at its Youtube channel.

According to the description, it took a year to to create the Demolition and Construction of Melrose City Center 1990 video.

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