Prepare to see more alcoholic options this summer!

Last year, hard seltzers were all the rage, flying off liquor shelves so fast that White Claw even reported a shortage in September thanks to a 283% increase in sales from the year before. Canned cocktails also saw a spike in sales as options like boozy seltzers and ready-to-drink spritzers began to grow in popularity.

This summer, prepare to find new -- and yet, somehow, inevitable -- alcoholic options on liquor store shelves in hard green teas and coconut water. Anheuser-Busch has announced a new line of health-conscious alcoholic drinks called LQD Creative Liquids which will include Hard Peach Green Tea, Hard Passion Fruit Green Tea, Hard Coconut Water, Hard Agave Limeade and Hard Hibiscus Lemonade. According to Fast Company, the Hard Green Teas are available now; the Hard Coconut Water, Agave Limeade and Hibiscus Lemonade will be available by the summer. Alcohol content for these drinks comes in around 5% per can.

What do you think -- will you be giving these a try this summer?

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