Following their recent trip to Iceland and collaboration with a brewery there, brothers and owners of Aegir Brewing Company Tim and Jeremy Jones continue making waves and headlines.

"Elk River Brothers Brewing A Nordic Passion" reads the headline of WCCO's article posted over the weekend. Bill Hudson recently visited the brothers at their Nordic brewery to shed some light on how they're contributing to Minnesota's proud Scandinavian culture.

Referring to the breweries name, Tim says, "“So Aegir [pronounced eye-year] is the brewer to the gods in Nordic mythology."

The taproom -- located in a former bakery on Main Street -- is filled with Nordic images and depictions, including runes, shields, ships and legends.

The brothers recently returned from a trip to Iceland where they collaborated on a beer called "Lokasenna" -- a meadow herb North East IPA with a touch of chamomile tea.

Read the full WCCO article here or watch their package that aired on TV below:

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