In a video that has since been viewed over 24k times in just two days, a four-year old Minnesota boy is seen reeling in a huge walleye on his little toy rod.

Over the weekend, four year old Avery Stroh was out on Otter Tail Lake with his dad, younger brother and uncle when he landed a proverbial "whopper."

"It was dead," his dad Eric told Kare11.

Avery then reached into the bait bucket and pulled out a tadpole; up until then, they'd all been using minnows. It wasn't long before he claimed he had something on his line.

In the video, filmed by his uncle Steffan, Avery can be seen reeling, his little rod scratching and straining against something.

"Just hold on tight," his dad says, fishing net ready in hand.

As Avery finally reels it close enough for his dad to snag in the net, his uncle Steffan  laughs in disbelief behind the camera.

"That's a huge walleye!" Avery exclaims.

"That is a giant!" his dad agrees.

According to Kare11, they took a few photos and drove past the family cabin to show the rest of the family before letting the 27-inch trophy go.

Watch the cute video for yourself below.

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