What food(s) instantly makes you think of the great state of Minnesota?

That's the question reddit user MrGCar recently posed in the Minnesota thread.

Tater tot hot dish and Juicy Lucy's are a given, he went on to say before listing "salmon with lemon dill sauce and couscous and chicken wild rice soup" as two personal examples.

Following are 10 of the most common answers from reddit users to foods that instantly make you think of Minnesota:

1. Old Dutch Potato Chips

2. Spam

3. Walleye

4. Grainbelt

5. Salted nut rolls

6. Lutefisk

7. Sweet Martha's cookies

8. Taco John's

9. Pickled Fish

10. Top the Tater

What do you think? Sound like a pretty fair list? Anything you'd remove or add?

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