In a recent survey by Bing, "Saved By The Bell" was voted the Best School TV Show of All Time.  I'll admit, I was not a big fan, but still watched my fair share of episodes.  I always hated Mario Lopez AND Mark-Paul Gosselaar, but that's just me.

Another show that I always despised was "Beverly Hills 90210" - which came in a very close second in the survey.  These were two very different types of shows.  While both shows dealt with teen issues and circumstances - "Saved By The Bell" was much more positive, and always had a happy ending.  "Beverly Hills 90210" was an hour long show, and much more like a soap opera for teens.

I was quick to recall three shows, all having to do with kids in school, that I liked much better than the two mentioned above.

Do you remember "Facts of Life"?  That was a great show, and a spin-off from "Different Strokes".  Mrs. Garrett and her girls were always getting into some kind of mischief.  But there was always a happy ending, and there was always a lesson to be learned.  And yes, I did have a crush on Blair (Lisa Welcher).

"Fame" is a show that I did not like at first, but because everyone else in my house loved it, it certainly grew on me.  That show was truly one of a kind.  When "Fame" hit TV screens across America, there was no other show that featured all the dancing, singing, and music, like that.  Now, those shows are all over television.  "Fame" was the first, "Glee" - but much better, and much more realistic.

And now, to my favorite School TV Show of All Time, "Welcome Back, Kotter".  Gabe Kaplan was the perfect guy to teach the 'Sweathogs', and isn't it always a kick to see a very young John Travolta?  This was one of the first shows, for kids or adults, that took on subjects like; teen pregnancy, physical abuse, drug addiction, etc.  TV Guide lists "Welcome Back, Kotter" as the 4th most important sitcom, ever, behind only; The Cosby Show, Cheers, and Leave It To Beaver.