UNDATED -- Tick season is back, and state health officials are reminding you to take precautions if you're going into wooded or long grassy areas where they thrive.

State Epidemiologist Dave Neitzel says mild temps over the last several weeks has brought the ticks out of dormancy.  He says they were out as early as February when we experienced a warm spell.  They went dormant again until the temperatures climbed into the 40's in recent weeks.

Neitzel says the ticks move slower when the temperature is lower, but they are active and will bite this time of year.

The ticks which are out now are the adult deer ticks from last fall and a new batch of young ticks will arrive in late May or early June.

Minnesota tick numbers have been high in recent seasons and ticks are being found farther north than ever before.

To protect yourself against ticks wear a repellent with DEET, or treat your clothing with permethrin.

Deer ticks can transmit diseases like Lyme Disease and Babesiosis

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