OK, so this isn't a guarantee, but it can't hurt to try right? A new study compared people's names to high paying jobs. 500,000 resumes were reviewed, and here are the results!

If you have a boy name him George or Oscar, and try to avoid the names Jack and Jacob. If you have a girl name her Lily or Isabella and try to avoid the names Olivia and Jessica. 


Olivia was actually one of the top baby names in MN last year, and the name Jackson topped the list of baby boy names. Of course none of this study actually holds any merit. Names are names and adulthood success is in no way determined by it. Name your kids what you want to name them, do your best to raise them right, and hopefully it all works out in the end. You can be the richest person in the world, but a loving, supportive family is worth way more than anything else!

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