Groceries cost more. Gas is still sky high. Everyone is trying to find ways to make their money go farther and provide for their families. It’s a challenge for sure. 

For some out there, add to the mix they’re still trying to pay off student loans. That topic in itself is a divisive topic, one for which I’ll allow others to debate.  

There are adults out there who would like to go back to school and give themselves a chance to put their families in a better situation, but one of the biggest detour ants is the cost.  

Photo by LARAM on Unsplash
Photo by LARAM on Unsplash

And for high school seniors, being able to attend the school they want is also affected by how much it costs, and that even keeps some of those students from pursuing their dreams and going to college altogether.  

If only someone could do something? Oh wait, someone has.  

Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash
Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

Starting this fall, the North Star Promise Scholarship Program from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education is a guaranteed “tuition and fee free” way to get the higher education that is so desired for Minnesota residents who meet the requirements. 

Photo by Kari Bjorn Photography on Unsplash
Photo by Kari Bjorn Photography on Unsplash

One of the main requirements is that your family adjusted gross income be $80,000 per year or less.  

The other requirements are: 

  • Be a Minnesota Resident 
  • Attend a Minnesota Public Higher Education Institution or Tribal College 
  • Not be in default of a current state or federal student loan 
  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards 
  • Be enrolled taking at least one credit 
  • Have not already earned a baccalaureate degree, including those in foreign countries 
  • Be enrolled in a program or course of study that applies to a degree, diploma, or certificate. 
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There are specific state institutions that where the North Star Scholarship will be accepted are: 

  • All Minnesota State College and Universities 
  • All University of Minnesota Campuses 
  • All Tribal Colleges 

As well as: 

  • Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College 
  • Leech Lake Tribal College 
  • Red Lake Nation College 
  • White Earth Tribal and Community College 


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If you are interested, make sure the program you want to pursue meets the requirements of the North Star Promise Scholarship Program.  

Photo by Cassandra Hamer on Unsplash
Photo by Cassandra Hamer on Unsplash

If you have a dream of a career that you can’t seem to shake, or you want to help your child chase their dream, this is the perfect opportunity if you meet the requirements.  

The future could be brighter starting this fall.  

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