ST. PAUL -- Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's Stay At Home order is in effect until Monday, May 4th, what happens after that is not clear yet.

Walz says no matter what the way we shop, go out to eat, and just generally socialize in public will be dramatically different for a long time.

They're going to have to change the way business is done for about the next 18 months.  They're going to have to do that regardless of what a Stay At Home order looks like.

Walz says until there is a vaccine it's likely most people will be wary of going out and businesses will need to adapt to the new normal.

Meanwhile, the Governor did signal that he seems to be interested in loosening some of the restrictions on businesses moving forward.

If there are protocols in place that are keeping essential businesses open by the things that they are doing and not getting people sick wouldn't it stand to logic that you could apply those to non-essential and do them in the same way and the answer to that is yes.

Walz says it's not feasible to shelter in place for 18 months. He says it's not sustainable economically, healthwise, or physiologically.

He says the state got almost no complaints about a lack of social distancing after he opened up things like golfing, shooting ranges, and marinas this past weekend.

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