There may be a few ways to get from Sartell to South St. Cloud, but there are definitely no fast routes. My route of choice is to cut through Waite Park, past Menards/Crafts Direct on 10th Avenue South, then hang a left on County Road 137 past the new Tech High School.

At the intersection of 10th Avenue and Co Rd 137 there is a four way stop at the road comes to a 'T.' That's when I spotted it for the first time: The Abraham Lincoln statue in front of 930 7th St. South. To 'top' it off (get it, like a top hat... I'll show myself out), the house is for sale.


The home, which is listed at $199,999 by Melissa Welsh at Central Minnesota Realty, hit the market last week. It was sold for just $75,000 in 2009, which based on that price feels like a million years ago.

The listing says the one-level home is 1,125 sq. ft. and features two bedrooms and one bathroom. The home, which was built in 1962, also features a backyard pool.

Before you get too excited about reenacting the Gettysburg Address on your front lawn, I should tell you that it is unclear whether or not the life sized Honest Abe statue (wood carving?) comes with the house or not.

I would imagine it will be a hot topic between whoever is selling the house and the buyer. Usually you ask for some appliances or implements to be left behind, not a giant carving of a former president.


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