The Minnesota State Fair is a go this year, and at least one woman will not be in attendance.

The Minnesota State Fair isn't for everyone. It's crowded, it's busy, it's smelly and can be expensive. Some people love the State Fair and never miss out on it; other's don't, and that's ok, too. One of those who doesn't is TikTok sensation @CadillacJackk, also known as just Jackie.

In a recent TikTok video, Jackie was asked if she'd be attending the Great Minnesota Get Together this year. Let's just say her response was...passionate.

"Why would I go to that miserable pit?" she asks incredulously. "There's a million people there, and it's so hot you can't even eat, it's so hot!" She goes on to rant specifically about the folks working the corn stand -- their hands "dripping" (with butter, presumably) and kids "whining in the strollers."

Next, she rails against one of this year's Grandstand stage special guests -- Kevin Costner.

"You know who's gonna be there? Kevin Coster. Why is he coming to the State Fair?" Someone off camera explains that he has a band; she looks off camera in disgust. The conversation jumps again as Jackie protests requiring a State Fair admission ticket in addition to a concert ticket, ridiculous foods on a stick ("Who the f*** wants to eat alligator at all much less on a stick?") and Sweet Martha's cookies.

(Warning: Language)

The video's been viewed over 425,000 times in two days since it was posted.

The Minnesota State Fair runs August 26-September 6 this year. Find all the details on this year's entertainment, vendors, shopping, animals and more here.

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