The brewery behind last year's wildly viral awkward Christmas photo is back with another skaliday challenge.

Last year, Elk River's Aegir Brewing Company took the internet by storm with their hilariously awkward family/holiday photos. Co-owners and brothers Tim and Jeremy Johnson -- photographed by staff member and local photographer Jeff Rutherford -- posted photos from their "skaliday" photoshoot to social media where they quickly went viral.

"How can anyone even compete with the beard bow?" joked Coon Rapids' Alloy Brewing Company in the Facebook comments. "These are seriously awesome."

"This is awesome," praised one fan on Facebook. "We need to make up an Awkward Aegir Christmas song to go along. I know some singers ...."

"This is truly magical," cracked another. "Merry Christmas."

In light of the photoshoot's overwhelmingly positive response, Aegir Brewing turned the shoot into a holiday challenge. "[We] think it’s time for other breweries to join in!" they posted on social media. "Throw on a festive outfit and do all the awkward poses! Once you’ve completed the challenge PASS IT ON - let’s share some good cheer!" Several other breweries around Minnesota took up the challenge, with Nordic Brewing Company (Monticello), Alloy Brewing Company (Coon Rapids), Hayes' Public House (Buffalo), Lupulin Brewing Company (Big Lake), Rustech Brewing Company (Monticello), Copper Trail Brewing (Alexandria), Bad Habit Brewing (St. Joseph), 22 Northmen Brewing (Alexandria), Jack Pine Brewing (Baxter) and others posting their own awkward skaliday photos.

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Well, the brewery that started it all are back at it again. Aegir Brewing Company just posted their highly-anticipated 2021 awkward skaliday photo.

"You didn’t think we would forget about this year's awkward SKÅLIDAY photo did you?" they included in their photo's caption. "Let’s see if some hoppy friends will join us on the fun train… we’re challenging the following to the #awkwardskalidayphotochallenge."

Breweries issued the awkward skaliday photo challenge this year include Broken Clock Brewing (Minneapolis), Fish Dream Brewing (Minneapolis), High Pines Brewing (Roseville) Elm Creek Brewing (Champlin) and Pantown Brewing (St. Cloud).

Follow Aegir Brewing Company on Facebook or Instagram for more holiday shenanigans and be sure to visit their new Elk River taproom.

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