A new video posted to TikTok shows the path and aftermath of last week's tornado through Ashby, MN as seen from above.

In the past week, I've seen some of the most remarkable videos and footage of tornadoes I've ever seen in my life. Maybe it's because last week's tornadoes in western Minnesota were so local that I've been more aware of them; maybe it's because technology is so easily accessible and prevalent that there's been more first-hand footage. I don't know what made the latest tornadoes to come through so unique (maybe they weren't), but I've definitely noticed more coverage and footage from average people (ie. not weatherpeople or professional storm chasers) than ever before.

Last week, we shared some absolutely incredible first-hand videos taken by people who saw or chased the tornadoes themselves. A new video posted to TikTok now shows the aftermath and path of the tornado that tore through Ashby, MN as seen from the air. Posted by TikTok user MNCowgirl92, the caption reads, "Partial Birds Eye View of the EF4 Tornado Path." It appears to be taken from a cropduster plane and reveals the destructive path of the tornado as it blew threw fields and past farmhouses.

The video is sobering to watch, more so when you know that a father and husband -- Seth Nelson -- was killed by the tornado last week. A GoFundMe created on behalf of his wife and four children has since raised over $62k of a $50k goal. MNCowGirl92 captured footage of last week's tornado which she posted to TikTok as well.

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