High temperatures and severe thunderstorms Wednesday proved a dangerous combination as deadly tornadoes blew through Minnesota.

Videos posted to various social media platforms capture the ferocity of a pair of tornadoes that blew through western Minnesota. A series of videos shared to Twitter by Minneapolis storm chaser Michael Marz shows unbelievable footage of one tornado up close.

"This was my closest intercept ever and I did it 6 times today," he captioned his first video.

 (Caution: Language)

The second video shows just how close -- scary close and certainly dangerously close -- Marz got.

In another video, the tornado can be seen about to tear into a farmhouse in its path.

(Warning: Video may be upsetting to watch)

Marz shares several other videos on Twitter. Meanwhile, other videos shared to Facebook by Jon Johnson and Nick Elms show the Dalton tornado from other perspectives.

WJON has since reported that at least three farms were damaged by the pair of tornadoes and one person left dead.

One person in the comment section of the Youtube video above shared that one of the farms destroyed belonged to good friends and the person killed was his brother-in-law.

"Just an FYI, while the video was amazing, and I appreciate what storm chasers go though to get footage, the farmstead you have close ups of was dear friends of ours. A young hard working couple. Furthermore, we have just got word that about the " woo-hoo" part of the video a shop was destoryed. We just got word that our brother-in-law was killed at that shop. He was and outstanding individual with a family of 4 children, including brand new 3 mo old baby boy. Although these storms are awesome creations of mother nature or GOD it should be realized that PEOPLE are in the path."

""Woo-hoo" is not appropriate," agreed another, "even though you had good footage."

The tornado is believed to be at least in the EF-3 category, with winds of 136-165 mph.

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