A video PSA from Sparky the Fire Dog reminds us all to be careful when frying our turkeys this Thanksgiving.

The video below shows a turkey being dropped into a turkey fryer on a porch. As the turkey dunks, hot oil spills over the edge of the boiling pot and flames immediately shoot into the sky, catching the roof and porch on fire. The video's caption reads,

Thanksgiving is by far the leading day for U.S. home cooking fires, so we are reminding you about the dangers of turkey fryers and how they can easily be used unsafely."

A firefighter on hand enters the scene and attempts to put out the fire with water from a hose which only pushes the flaming oil around the porch. This itself serves as a reminder that oil is water-resistant and that water should not be used to put out an oil fire should one occur.

For a sobering reminder of what can happen if misusing a turkey fryer, watch the following video.

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