A New York auction house is placing a CD up for bid, and it contains a finished album of unreleased music from the King of Pop' Michael Jackson. The CD belongs to an anonymous person who's described as a, quote, "personal friend and personal assistant to Michael, whose family was very close to Michael for many years." I can't imagine they were that close...because who would betray their friend like that?

The starting bid is $50,000, and the winning bidder will NOT have the rights to the music, so no chance of distributing it in any way. Read more at Rolling Stone.

Michael Jackson Unreleased Album Track List:

1. "Monster"
2. "Breaking News"
3. "Stay"
4. "Keep Your Head Up"
5. "Everything’s Just Fine"
6. "Black Widow"
7. "Burn Tonight"
8. "All I Need"
9. "Water"
10. "Let Me Fall in Love"
11. "Ready to Win"
12. "Soldier Boy"


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