Culture shock's a real thing, and Minnesota certainly comes with its own unique culture to adapt to.

A U of M student's parody video about having Minnesota culture shock has gotten some attention and drawn some laughs on TikTok. In it, Kenzie -- known as @KeepItLowKeyPlz on TikTok -- pretends to be having a phone conversation with her mom, reassuring her that she's doing fine while away at college.

"Yeah mom I'm really fitting in at the University of Minnesota," the text on the screen reads. From there, the video flashes to different scenes of Kenzie Googling different Minnesota-isms like "duck duck grey duck," "Doc Martens," What's so bad about Edina," "cabins up north mn for sale," "why does everyone hate Iowa," and "when is it acceptable to pull out my winter coat."

The video -- which has been viewed over 158k times -- has resonated with many.

"Everything's bad about Edina," said one, simply.

"Okay, literally I've lived in MN my whole life, and I'm honestly proud at how quickly you have picked this up," commented another, recognizing Kenzie's accurate perception of Minnesota-isms.

"I moved here from the East coast," added a third TikTok user, "and honestly it's the duck duck grey duck that gets me every time."

What other Minnesota-isms would you imagine non-Minnesotans might Google after moving here?

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