After an overwhelmingly positive response online, a Minneapolis-based graphic design student has begun selling prints of his U of M final project.

Earlier this week, graphic design student who goes by Surface Dweller on reddit and Instagram shared a print online of Minnesota's state bird the Common Loon.

According to the post's caption, the print was supposed to be part of a screen printing studio final at the U of M. Due, no doubt, to the coronavirus shutting schools down prematurely, he didn't get a chance to show the piece publicly. So he posted it online to platforms like reddit and Instagram instead. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

"I love this!" praised on reddit user. "I'm gonna be taking some printmaking classes to get my art minor at the U, and this makes me so excited to do so."

"10/10 would buy," said another. "I have a small collection of Loon themed things and this would fit right in. Looks great."

"Yo dawg do you do commissions?" asked a third. "I have a North Dakota gallery wall that this style would be perfect."

With so many people interested in purchasing prints, Surface Dweller created a Red Bubble account where people can buy online. He also released a second print of Minnesota's state fish the walleye and is taking suggestions for more Minnesota state symbol print ideas.

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Fans have suggested prints of the state muffin (blueberry) and drink (milk), tree (red pine), flower (showy lady's slippers), sport (ice hockey), gemstone (Lake Superior agate) and more!

If you like this U of M graphic design student's work and want to support local or have an idea, purchase his work at Red Bubble or follow him in Instagram. His prints can be printed as both sticker and poster.

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