Aaaahhh, the power of the 80's!

Those of us that were there remember the music.  There once was a thing I used to love very much back then.  It was called 'new wave' music.

I laugh at the term now, because it is 30 years later, and nothing about the 80's is 'new' anymore.  But one of the first new wave bands I ever remember liking, was Berlin.

They proved to NOT have staying power of many of the other groups at the time - but they had a sound that was certainly unique, and distinctive.  Their most famous hit, was 1986's "Take My Breath Away", from the Top Gun soundtrack.

One of my favorite songs by the group, and one that is much more indicative of their real sound, is "No More Words".

Terri Nunn was one of my favorite 80's ladies - and I actually met her, and got a hug, when I saw Berlin at Disneyland in 1988.

Recently, the band has toured with Devo and INXS - but back in the beginning of all the new wave music of the 80's, and in the early days of MTV - there was Berlin.