When you're hot, you're hot!

And both of these teams are - so how do you decipher who will come out victorious?  Aaahhhh - if I knew the answer to that question, I would be in Las Vegas, surrounded by a bunch of so called 'wise guys', swimming in my "sea" of cash.

But that particular sea does not exist - in large part, because picking the correct outcome of a football game can be a very dicey proposition.  There really is no sure thing.  Not ever.  Which brings me to my prediction for this year's Super Bowl.

I got the Giants.  And before you accuse me of jumping on the ever growing Giants' bandwagon, know that I said they would win this game as soon as Lawrence Tynes' field goal in overtime went through the uprights in San Francisco.  I am very confident with this selection for several reasons - here are some of them, for liking the Giants on Super Bowl Sunday.

First and foremost, the Patriots defense may not be able to slow down the Giants offense, at all.  I know Tom Brady is great, and I know Bill Belichek is a proven winner  and a defensive genious - but neither of those will matter if Eli Manning scores every time he gets the football.  Don't laugh, that is very possible.  New York is well balanced offensively; they can strike quickly through the air, or they can grind it out on the ground.  Eli Manning has earned a reputation for coming through in the clutch, especially in the playoffs.  He won't give the New England secondary the turnovers that they are accustomed to getting when the Pats' offense usually builds a big lead.

The Giants have won the Super Bowl in this exact fashion before; having a lower seed, winning playoff games on the road, and being an underdog to New England in the big game.  The New York confidence has never been higher.  They are not afraid of the Patriots  'legend' or 'mystique' - they've already beaten that once.  And that was the year everyone thought the Pats' would finish the season unblemished, that they weren't beatable, that they were perfect.  They scored (40) points a game that year, but the Giants held them to (14) - and to only (7) until very late in the 4th quarter.  If anything, the Giants are in the Patriots heads, not the other way around.  This is the one team that New England didn't want to play.  They won't admit that, but their fans certainly will.  Remember, the Giants beat the Patriots already this year, and that game was in New England.

The Giants are great at getting to opposing quarterbacks without having to blitz much, and the more guys you can keep in coverage against Tom Brady, the better.  Plus, the Patriots don't even attempt to run the ball much until they get near the goalline.  This one-dimensional style, along with some curiously conservative play calling, is exactly what lead to a ton of Patriots' punts, both earlier this year, and in the two teams previous Super Bowl meeting.

I am always one to look at the Las Vegas point spread for a game, as well.  I figured that New England would be installed as a (6) or (7) point favorite - but instead, the Pats' were initially just a (3.5) point favorite - and have now been bet down to just a (2.5) favorite.  Knowing that America loves New England and 'Golden Boy' Tom Brady - the bookmakers are DARING the public to bet on the Pats'.  New England only has to win by a field goal?  That's it?  Are you serious?  That's easy money.

I think not, actually.

This will be a fun game to watch.  There should be a lot of points, and several big plays.  Whichever team turns the ball over more, will probably lose.  I don't think that will be the Giants.

I wonder how many people thought that Eli Manning would EVER have more Super Bowl rings than his big brother Peyton?  But that score will be 2-1, Eli, after this Sunday.  Giants win, 37-31.

Enjoy the game - and have a great (and safe) Super Bowl Sunday!



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