You know the old saying, "spring will come when it snows on the robins' tail 3 times"? This is a variation of that. The saying itself pertains to the return of robins in the spring. Once they arrive in the area, it will snow on them three times, and then spring will officially be here.

I haven't seen a robin in my backyard yet, but my own dad has a different approach to predicting the change of seasons.

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My family has a constant group chat going, and you never know what will show up in it. Yesterday my dad shared a photo of a slush-covered Busch Light can, and his way of predicting spring:

You gotta get snow on your Busch Light can three times before it's spring.

It was snowing pretty heavily in Long Prairie Wednesday evening, and my dad had brought a beer from the house out to the garage causing the slush buildup.

This strategy for weather prediction can also be done the way my fiance and I do it. Have some friends over right around this time of year, and accidentally leave a case of Busch Light on the deck that you were using as an outdoor cooler. Let it snow on that case of beer three times, and suddenly it's spring.

Snow on your beer can or not, spring will be here soon. The first official day of it is Saturday, March 20th, and Daylight Savings time has us springing forward this coming Sunday, March 14th.

Keep an eye out for robbins, or beer cans.

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