A couple videos making the rounds on Reddit  poke fun at what Minnesotans look and sound like.

With the Winter Solstice just a couple weeks away now, a video making the rounds on the Minnesota thread of Reddit and pokes fun at what Minnesotans look like during Minnesota's cold months. Originally shared online by Jake Fischer, the resurfaced video shows a video of stages after time spent outdoors. In the video, Fischer -- who sports an impressive head of hair and facial fair -- addresses the camera, "Oh hey! This is my face five minutes after being outside in Minnesota." His face appears fairly normal in color and disposition, some white flecks of snow detectable in his hair and beard. As the video goes on, Fischer checks in at 15 minute, 30 minute, one hour and two hour intervals, his face becoming more and more frosted and his speech slurring from the cold.

Another video on Reddit uses the same premise to poke fun at the Minnesota accent. Originally shared to TikTok by user Nolan Roseborough, Nolan can be seen stepping into a bathroom, facing the mirror and saying in a normal voice "This is my voice one day in Minnesota." The video continues to show Nolan checking in at one week and one month intervals, his voice becoming more Minnesotan/Norwegian each time, leading up to a ridiculously stereotypical invite to Ole to go ice fishing down by the lake. His outfit, too, also becomes noticeably warmer and begins to include plaid.

What do you think -- are these fair pokes at Minnesota stereotypes or really just not that fair or funny?

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