Jack Jablonski, the teenager paralyzed while playing hockey two years ago has snagged a high profile prom date. 

Young Jack Jablonski (aka Jabs or Jabby to his friends) who played hockey for the Benilde-St. Margaret's Red Knights was paralyzed after a hard hit while skating after a loose puck in 2011 caused severe damage to his spinal cord.

Since then, Jack has been hosting a radio show and working hard on his progress and his team won the Minnesota State High School Boys Hockey Tournament Crown in 2012 and Jack was on hand for the victory, which they dedicated to Jack.

Yesterday, on his show, Hockey Night in Minnesota with Jack Jablonski, he asked 38 year old ESPN reporter and host of the show SportsNation Michelle Beadle to his high school prom later this spring, to which she said yes.

He said, "I'd like to formally invite you to my prom, but I know you're busy." She came back immediately with, "Seriously, I would love it!" Then she joked that everyone is going to ask him why he, "brought a chaperone."

The BSM prom will be held April 26.