If you’re headed out soon for spring break or planning a summer vacation, here are a few quick tips to help you travel trouble free. 

Pack a Separate Bag

Whenever I fly, I really hate having to carry on because I am always afraid there’s going to be no room in the overhead and they’re going to make me check my bag, but think about this: What if your bag gets lost? You will have no clean underwear, and you know what Mom said about clean underwear. I’ve started to bring a carry-on bag that has one outfit, two pair of undies and two pair of socks. Chances are your bag won’t get lost, but just in case it does, you should be prepared. Plus, when I return home, I put my clean clothes in my carry-on and my dirty ones in my checked bag.

Check Your Plan

I got into some big, big trouble with my cell phone provider because I failed to check with them about my plan. I thought I had nationwide coverage, so when I went to Atlanta, I used my phone like any normal person would. When the bill came it was three times what it should have been! I called my carrier and asked what happened. They explained to me I had nationwide calling, not nationwide coverage, so I was stuck paying this huge bill. Same goes for data. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you check your plan for their coverage map and rules. If you don’t want to be without your phone, make sure you keep it on airplane mode while you’re away just to avoid the international roaming charges.

Allow Plenty of Time

Whenever we have a layover (which I REALLY try to avoid), I always make sure we have a huge chunk of time in between. Glen asks why. I’ll tell you why. Because I was with a group coming home from Jamaica and we all had a connection through Miami International and some had to fly on to Dallas. The connecting flight was on the other side of the airport and we all had to run like we were going for the gold at the Olympics. Who wants to do that? If you must stop, try and book your flights at least 90 minutes apart. You don’t want to be that family.

Double Check Your Location

You may book an ocean view room, but how far away is the ocean? I once booked a lake view room at a very expensive resort on the north shore and the lake was about 100 yards away and there was a field, a swamp and trees in the way. Make sure you double check the location of your hotel, and go to an independent website for reviews. I looked up our hotel in New York and more often than not, the reviews said that the place was sketchy. I didn’t want to stay. We stayed anyway and the reviews were right. Check more than one source when you’re searching, too. The photos on the website may make it look like paradise, but the reviews will tell you if it’s anything but.

Tell Your Bank

If you’re at Target buying flip flops and toothpaste at 9pm one night and nine hours later you’re trying to buy breakfast at an airport diner in a city a thousand miles away, your card is going to get shut down. Never happened. Make sure you notify your bank where you’re going, when, any layover stops and when you’ll be home so you can have money while you’re on vacation.

Do You Have Any Trouble Free Travel Tips?