We've all been there. Driving along a multi-lane road, minding our own business, when someone drifts over into your lane. But don't worry, they turned on their signal when they were already 3/4ths of the way into your lane!

In the olden days, "turn signals" were actually called "lane change indicators," meaning they are meant as a WARNING that someone is about to change lanes. Amazingly, people would actually use them as a heads-up that their two-ton vehicle was about to cut in front of you.

These days there are seemingly only two types of people. There are those who use their turn signal incorrectly and those who don't use one at all to begin with. Common courtesy is completely foreign to most people on the road.

How many times have you been behind the wheel when suddenly someone inexplicably lays on their brakes, then 30 seconds later they turn on their signal and whip a hard turn?

Ideally, that driver would use their turn signal to indicate that they are ABOUT to hit their brakes and prepare to turn. When the signal comes on, the car behind it backs off and understands that the lead car is about to slow down to make a change in direction.

Similarly, if making a right turn, it would be nice to those attempting to enter the road if you could turn your signal on in advance, before you are actually turning onto the road I am trying to exit. That way we can all keep traffic moving and you won't get a sarcastic thumbs up from me for your efforts.

Turn signals are cool now.

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