Tractor Day is back in Milaca this year after taking 2020 off due to the pandemic and postponement of in-person learning. Students with a valid driver's license are welcome to drive their tractor to school on May 19th.

Tractor Days are massively popular in central Minnesota, with Foley, Milaca and Sauk Rapids among the schools that set aside a day for kids to show off their favorite farm implements. Foley even did a virtual Tractor Day in 2020.

As someone from the Twin Cities, I had no idea what a "Tractor Day" was until very recently. Having attended a couple of these over the last few years since I moved to the area, I can see that we clearly missed out!

Tractor Day in Milaca is scheduled to happen just two days before graduation on May 21st... what an awesome way to wrap up what has been a tough high school experience! It's a lot of fun to see all the high schoolers not only behind the wheel of a huge tractor, but also on trailers and flatbeds celebrating the end of the school year.

Personally, I always had a hard time getting my parents to let me drive our jalopy minivan to a friend's house to do homework. I can't imagine asking them to drive a big, expensive farm vehicle to school for the day (at 16 years old no less)! Shout out to the parents and their bravery!

Milaca High School is requiring students to attend a Safety Training on May 4th if they want to participate in Tractor Day this year.

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