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"Live with Regis and Kelly" is getting a name change this November when Regis is leaving. Who will replace him?

"Wall Street Journal" has a list of the top three replacements...

Mark Consuelos....Kelly's Husband

Ryan Seacrest..."American Idol" "E! News" L.A. Radio Show....and the Producer of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" He seems a bit busy?!

Andy of Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live"

ABC has yet to give an official statement on who the replacement will be, or if any of these three men are even in talks with "Live."

All three men have hosting experience. Mark has filled in for Regis on occasion, and since his wife is the other host they clearly have chemistry.

Andy, by the way is pretty tight with Kelly. She has made several appearances on his show.

Ryan for some say this is the dream candidate. Really!? I'm kind of sick of him. He is EVERYWHERE!! Clearly he would have to give up his radio gig in L.A., "Live" films in NYC.

If what the WSJ is reporting, who is your pick out of these three.

Personally, Ryan is my least favorite, Mark is a pretty man, but I don't care much for married hosts, so Andy is my favorite, I think he has a fun, spunky personality!

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