I can't believe it is almost May! I feel like New Years was just a couple weeks ago. A new month means new shows and movies on Netflix and here are my top picks and the dates they will be released!

Bring it On - Kirsten Dunst in the role of her life as a high school competitive cheerleader. Arguably the greatest movie of all time. - Available May 1st.

Just Friends – Starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart as high school best friends that reunite over Christmas vacation. - Available May 1st

The Nutty Professor –  Starring Eddie Murphy as his usual goofy self, only in multiple costumes. -  Available May 1st
Sixteen CandlesMolly Ringwald as an angsty teen in an 80's classic. - Available May 1st

Young and Hungry Season 3 - FINALLY! The suspense from the season two cliff hanger is killing me!- Available May 6th
Goosebumps (2015) - The new version of Goosebumps starring Jack Black. – Available May 11

Those are my top picks of the things to watch on Netflix this coming month. You can see a full list of whats coming here!