Nothing I enjoy more on a cold day is a warm, cup of soup that I can wrap my hands around, take in the aroma, then dig in! If you asked me to choose a favorite I probably couldn't, I love pretty much all of them!

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Chicken noodle soup, wild rice soup, chicken tortilla, loaded baked potato, beer cheese, cream of broccoli, tomato basil and honestly I could keep listing them. What I have on a given day, depends on my mood. But you can always guarantee, especially during the cold months I will be asking any restaurant, bistro, diner or establishment that serves soup, "what is your soup of the day"?

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Now being new-ish to the area, going on three months now, I was wondering what are some of the top places to go in St. Cloud to warm up with a cup or bowl, depending on the day, of tasty soup. Here are the top results with reviews according to Yelp, so please don't argue with the messenger!

"...The creamy chicken tortilla soup had just the right amount of spice and really worked well with the tacos."

  • 2.) Jules' Bistro (921 West Saint Germain Street, St. Cloud, MN) *I'm sensing a St. Germain Street pattern...)

"...Jules is a Jewel! From the amazing freshly made soups and chili to the salads, pizza..."

  • 3.) Arroy (800 West Saint Germain Street, St. Cloud, MN) *seriously though*

"...I liked everything I ate. Our table ordered soup, appetizers, rice and noodle dishes."

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"...soup was very flavorful just a tad too salty. The broiled oysters were unique with the cornbread..."

"...I wanted cafe-ish food - sandwiches, salad, soup - and that is what I got! The food was very good! We ordered the Mushroom and Swiss Wild Rice Patty (sandwich), and the Olive and Herb Salad."

"...started with a chicken fajita soup that came on a small bed of rice in the cup. The chicken was perfectly cooked and just fell apart in my mouth."

  • 7.) Dong Khanh (266 33rd Avenue South St. Cloud, MN)

"...Their soups are really good, my kid loves the Sweet and Sour..."

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Mmmm, who else is hungry for soup now? There's a few ideas for you, but always up for trying your favorites too, let me know what they are


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