I've had the same iPhone 7 since 2017. I babied it by keeping it in a case with a nice screen protector, so it would stay in like-new condition if I wanted to sell it later.

However, the battery life had significantly deteriorated over time. I decided to hop online to buy a new battery and to learn how to change it myself.

When I was in college, my roommate and I would buy broken iPod minis (remember those?) then fix them up and sell them when they worked properly. After a certain generation of those, Apple changed the way their devices were made to make them more difficult to get into. We were out of business.

So, with that experience under my belt, I thought it would be fairly easy to do a simple battery swap. I tell you today, my friends, I was wrong. Very wrong.

The process started by removing two microscopic screws. That part was easy enough, but before long I found myself trying to warm up some sort of adhesive with a blow dryer while tugging at a suction cup and trying to jam a plastic tool under the screen to remove it.

I got about 75% of the way through the process, but then I couldn't get through the adhesive on the top part of the phone. Back to the blow dryer I went. This proved to be my fatal mistake.

With the screen super-heated I stuck the tool behind the screen, then, BLAM, screen shattered. Phone=dead. In my post-shattering rage, I also managed to snap one of the ribbon cables keeping the screen attached to the rest of the phone. Neat.

Now I am back to using my stubby little iPhone 5, with no apps or photos or anything I might actually use on my phone. I'm out here texting and calling people like a neanderthal.

Next time, I will let the pros handle the situation for a few more dollars. If you are in the same boat as me, with a phone needing repairs, LGS Electronics is available for a discount on the Value Connection.

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