Is there a point when it's too hot to even go outside to go swimming?

With temperatures expected to reach nearly 100 degrees on Monday, I am trying to decide whether to lather on the sunscreen to take my kid swimming at a splash pad or if we should just make it a movie day at home and avoid the outside world altogether.

On one hand, swimming is refreshing on a super hot day and the activity is sure to wear down his battery a bit before bedtime. On the other hand, heat exhaustion runs in our family and I don't necessarily think it is wise for us to load up the car and trek to the pool.

We spend all winter indoors and our kid gets waaaayyyy more screen time than I would like because there isn't much else to do when it's minus 30 at noon on a Tuesday in Minnesota.

During any reasonable day between 20 (above) and 90 we will play outside a great majority of the time. But when it's SUPER hot or SUPER cold, I just don't know if the experience is really that fun for my kid.

In years past we could go to an indoor park or business and get our energy out that way, but many businesses are not open until the late afternoon and some aren't open at all on Mondays. You know, the new normal and all.

Letting my kid decide is a fool's errand, as he will regret his choice 30 seconds after we get to whatever destination we choose.

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