About five years ago we began to finish our basement. Mind you, I have no experience or business taking on such a project, but got a lot of it done through the help of friends, family and patience.

Our first kid was due in mid-November so we really wanted to create some extra space in our small-ish house.

Our basement and bedroom were all done (at least to the degree of which I am capable) when suddenly SURPRISE our kid came out five weeks early. We never had the time, money or energy to finish the bathroom.

Long story longer, a couple of weeks ago we had a local remodeling company come out to give us an estimate for them to finish the bathroom, which would include the rough in, drywall and piping installation.

The guy blew us off on the first day for a 'work emergency,' then blew us off the next day to 'pick up his kid.' He finally showed up on April 9th and took a look around. He said he would get back to us that weekend but here we are two weeks later and we finally got an email:

"Hey, I haven't forgotten about you. We have been really busy the last two weeks, I should have that estimate for you today or tomorrow though."

I understand people get busy, but usually a follow-up should happen well before the two week mark. Even if it's "Hey, we just got slammed... it may be a while but know you are important to us."

Obviously at this point we would never hire this company, but I found myself wondering whether or not I should write a review online about our experience.

On one hand, it seems petty and childish to 'tell' on them. I'm sure they really are busy and I am also guessing that they have a lot of positive interactions under their belt.

On the other hand, we were prepared to spend a lot of money with this company (that we frankly don't have) only to be blown off multiple times over the course of two weeks. If I were thinking about hiring this company, I'd want to hear about the bad things, too!

Do you write reviews for every bad experience you have? Or do you prefer to keep it closer to the vest?

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