Spring is in the air and soon people will start cleaning out their homes. Curb sides will be full of unwanted furniture and an animal shelter in Illinois turned that into a huge benefit for the pets in their care! The shelter recently started giving all the pets their own armchairs to sleep in. Each kennel has a chair for the pet to lounge around on, just like they would in a home! They posted a video of the dogs enjoying the comfort and it started making the rounds on the internet, it even inspired other shelters to start doing the same! People even started to donate chairs to the shelter, just to make sure all pets got one! Employees at the shelter said that since they got the chairs, they've noticed a difference. The animals seem to be much more comfortable and relaxed than they were before.


Should this be a thing that the Tri-County Humane Society here in St. Cloud does? I know their kennels are a little more narrow than the ones in the video above, and they are good at moving pets out of there into good homes quickly, but it's an idea! If you are looking to donate to the Tri-County Humane Society, here is a list of things they need right now! Armchairs are not yet on that list 😉

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