Meet Mugsley: today's Pet of the Week from Tri-County Humane Society!

Mugsley is a neutered 3-year-old bloodhound/mix who's a puppy in an adult dog's body. He can be around other dogs, but is selective. His prey drive is pretty strong, so a household without cats is recommended, but he's great with school-aged kids. Mugsley LOVES car rides and especially a tasty pup cup at the end of the trip!

Mugsley via Tri-County Humane Society
Mugsley via Tri-County Humane Society

Microchip Clinic at Tri-County Humane Society on Friday, May 17th from 2p-7p

Microchipping your pet is a cost-effective, permanent, and reliable way to identify a lost pet. Tri-County Humane Society offers microchipping services to the public year-round for $20+tax (all pets that they offer for adoption are microchipped); but on Friday, May 17th from 2p-7p you can get your pets microchipped for just $10+tax. Pet Evolution will also be at the clinic with its mobile nail trim van!

Top Ten Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

  1. Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life.
  2. Neutering provides major health benefits.
  3. Your spayed female won't go into heat.
  4. Your male dog won't want to roam away from home.
  5. Your neutered male will be much better behaved.
  6. Spaying or neutering will NOT make your pet fat.
  7. It is highly cost-effective.
  8. Spaying and neutering your pet is good for the community.
  9. Your pet doesn't need to have a litter for your children to learn about the miracle of birth.
  10. Spaying and neutering helps fight pet overpopulation.

 Book Buddies Reading Program

Pets love to be read to. If you have a kiddo (age 5-15 years preferred) in your household who would LOVE to read to a shelter resident, then the Book Buddies program is for you (them)! Pets don't care about mispronounced words, and it's beneficial for both the kiddo (who gets practice reading aloud) and the resident, as shelter life can be stressful.

For Pets' Sake!

Thursdays through Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm, For Pets' Sake Thrift is open next to the animal shelter! Get gently used collars, pet beds, leashes, apparel, and accessories, with all profits staying to take care of the residents!


Tri-County Humane Society wants you and your new family member to succeed, so they've teamed up with GoodPup to provide a customizable, affordable, and positive dog training program that you both can work on from home!

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