This weekend is Mothers Day and the fishing opener! If mom doesn't like being out on the lake, why not take her on a movie date! My recommendation for a movie to see is "The Circle" with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. Here is why!

I went into this movie only seeing bits and pieces of the trailer for it. I knew that it was about a tech company that Tom Hanks' character was running and I knew Emma Watson's character was the stereotypical new employee that ended up knowing too much. I had really low expectations for the film, expecting it to be an action movie about her trying to overthrow big business. I was sooooo wrong. That wasn't the movie at all! 

The script was really well written, there were lots of funny moments that actually made me laugh out loud. But to balance that out there were some very serious issues addressed that gave me goosebumps and gave me real emotions. The story line was great and completely unexpected which I loved.

This is a movie I would definitely take my own mom to see! If you need a last minute Mothers Day gift idea, a movie outing to see "The Circle" would be just the thing! 


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