I finally got hit with COVID over Memorial Day weekend. I had some of the usual symptoms like a fever, fatigue and sinus issues but didn't get some of the other common ones like loss of taste/smell.

The fatigue set in first, then we got an email that multiple people at work had tested positive so I got tested and sure enough I had COVID. My fever reached 101.5, but broke after one night luckily and thanks to some NyQuil and lots of rest. LOTS of rest.

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I pretty much laid in bed for five straight days because my wife threw me in quarantine. After a couple of days I noticed my hips were very, very sore and felt kind of inflamed. I chalked it up to just being stuck in bed for so long, but it was a very intense, burning kind of soreness. I had to lay in the bed just right to calm it enough to fall asleep.

However, the next week one of the guys on my softball team also had COVID. When I asked him how he was feeling, he said he was fine but the weirdest thing was that his hips were killing him the whole time he was sick.

Is it a coincidence, or have others experienced sore hips specifically when they had COVID? I know muscle aches and fatigue are all common symptoms of many illnesses, but this one was very specific and localized.

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