I readily admit that I am probably late to this party, but I had my first Lily's Wings mobile restuarant experience at The Waters on Wednesday night and I am now a changed man. They brought the bus to an event and, hoo boy, did they deliver.

Lily's features a ton of sauces that sound amazing but I couldn't try them all. From sweet sauces like Tennessee Red and Sweet Raspberry to hot ones such as Habanero and "100% Pain," which is way out of my pay grade.

Being a wuss, I decided to grab a few sauces on the milder side. Some Pitmaster BBQ, a little Kickin' Teryaki and one called Washington Apple.

HOLY DANG. The Washington Apple sauce is the truth. I honestly could have just grabbed the bottle of sauce, hooked it up to an IV and injected it directly into my veins.

On the menu board, Lily's describes the Washington Apple as "a creative blend of tart Washington apples, brown sugar and a special blend of spices. It is arguably the tastiest thing I have ever eaten.

My dad always says 'if you aren't sweating you aren't eating.' Since he'll never read this I'll just come out and say it: he's wrong. Sweet sauce is where it's at... why should I want to suffer through something called 100% Pain?!

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