Sartell is a booming city with a ton of new businesses and houses being built every day.

One of the side effects of such rapid growth, though, are the previously seldom-used backroads becoming highly-traveled main pathways for the expanding population.

19th Avenue in Sartell between 6th Street and Veterans Drive is one of those roads, inducing white knuckles and panic attacks every time I drive on it. Especially during the cold and slick winter months.

It's the fastest way to get from my neighborhood in Sartell to the MAC, the mall and all places on the north side of St. Cloud so it's a necessary evil. The other option is to take Pine Cone Road to Veterans, but that route forces you to deal with many roundabouts and semaphores.

The speed limit is 50 miles per hour on 19th Avenue and there is literally no shoulder to speak of. It's pretty flat on both sides to begin with but as you continue down the road it becomes a steep drop into a ditch and/or people's yards.

I've only ever seen a couple of cars down the ditch and I personally consider that to be a miracle.

The other fun feature of this distressing drive is the peak the road seems to come to halfway through the trip. Cresting this hill at 50 mph while another car reaches the summit at the exact same time is a great test for your bladder.

I know I have heard there are plans to do some work on this road in the future and I am eager to see what they have planned. Mostly so I don't have to wear a diaper every time I go to the mall.

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