Every year my wife makes the nastiest looking thing for our family's Christmas and yet the entire family sits and demolishes it right in front of my face. To me it looks totally nasty and I have no interest in trying it.

It's called "Minnesota Sushi" here in central Minnesota, in other (less cultured) locales it is known as a "pickle roll up." Whatever you call it, it is a major nope for me.

This is how my wife described it on this very website a few years ago:

Minnesota Sushi is essentially a pickle rolled up in a spread of cream cheese and ham. You cut them up to resemble sushi rolls.

It's the easiest thing to make, which is why I usually make it every year. But, you CAN mess them up. The first few years I made these I made the mistake of not getting square ham and spreadable cream cheese. Hence, the photo above. Your ham shape matters...so does the spread-ability of your cream cheese.

Essentially you just have to slather some cream cheese onto deli ham and then wrap the ham around a pickle. Boom. Minnesota sushi.

This is one of those things where I wonder "who thought of this first.. and why?" Like, who looked at these three ingredients and thought to themselves that it not only looked delicious, but that it should be served at one of the biggest meals of the entire year?

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