I swear my family thinks its OK to put anything down the drain. I'm shocked I've only had to call a plumber a handful of times over the last 4 years. Here are SIX THINGS you should NEVER put down the drain.

1. Grease, cooking oil, or butter. They end up mixing with other stuff and form a thick sludge that can clog your drains up.

2. Egg shells. Don't jam them in your garbage disposal. They can break the blades. And the tiny shell fragments can stick to stuff and cause clogs.

3. Coffee grounds. They end up sticking to grease and oil that's already in your pipes, so they can make clogs even worse.

4. Pasta. It keeps expanding from all the water. Don't worry if it's just a noodle or two though.

5. Flour. When you mix it with water, it's basically like glue.

6. The stickers on produce. They can clog your pipes up, and they can also cause blockages later on at water treatment plants.

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