It is officially the last week of summer. College is already back in session and classes for the kids starts next Tuesday. Where did summer go?! I had a few things that I wanted to get done this summer and never did.

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- Take in the beautiful flowers at Munsinger Gardens


- Rollerblade more than 2 times


- Hit up Hempker Park and Zoo in Freeport


Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

- Use the pool at my apartment complex at lease once. (Seriously I haven't set foot in it yet)


- Go to Disneyland in California for the Diamond Anniversary celebration. That didn't even close to happening.


- Go on a road trip with my roommate. We went to Walker for Moondance Jam, does that count?


- Buy a bike and start biking everywhere.

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- Golf four different courses in the area. I only did one.


What was on your summer bucket list that you didn't accomplish? Leave me a comment below!