My fiance and I are in the same fantasy football work league. He's the sports director in our building and claims to know the most about sports. To be fair, he does have the number one team in the league right now. But, his team has been plagued with injuries this week.

It was a really awkward day in our house yesterday as most of our players had Sunday games. Dave and I sat in different rooms to watch the Vikings game. Both of us were super crabby because we're very competitive.

Drew Brees had an awesome game which helped me secure my win! I've got one more guy left to play tonight and I'm ahead five points. Dave doesn't have any guys left to play, so he's already out! We're all good now, but things were awkward for awhile yesterday. I tried my best to keep the smack talk at a minimum because I could tell he was a little salty with me. I can definitely get carried away.

Dave and I will go head-to-head one more time in the regular season...and my fingers are crossed it's not during our wedding week! That would be AWFUL...for him. ;)