As a kid I really loved Blink-182, especially their "Dude Ranch" album which was released right before their huge smash Enema Of The State. The group combined humor and teenage angst in a way that was fun to listen to.

Despite my fandom and nearly constant attending of concerts as a teenager/young adult I never had a chance to see blink-182 live in concert before they broke up in 2005. Recently the band has decided to embark on a reunion tour with the original three members.

Awesome! I finally have a chance to see a band on my 'bucket list,' which is admittedly a very short list. blink-182 is slated to appear at Xcel Energy Center on May 4th, 2023.

I got a presale code from Ticketmaster and decided to see what was available.

Immediately upon seeing the prices I threw up then passed out for nearly six hours.

Tickets in the lower bowl to the side of the stage are bargain priced at just $325 each. Yes, you heard that right, $325 PER TICKET. For blink-182.

Ticketmaster Screenshot
Ticketmaster Screenshot

Tickets in the upper deck of Xcel Energy Center are listed at $125 (plus fees).

The price of everything is getting insane. Last time blink-182 came to town (with Tom DeLonge replacement Matt Skiba in tow) I actually got tickets on Groupon for $25 each. This price is highway robbery.

I guess I will just add these tickets to the list of things I will just not worry about. There have been a lot of instances lately where I just have decided to move on with my life as opposed to stretching my budget for something like watching three millionaires play 30 year old songs for 90 minutes.

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