Following dogs on Instagram is one thing I am really good at. Here are a few adorable pups you can follow from right here in Minnesota!

Spreading the happy! These two cute Minnesota Corgi's actually just had puppies!

2. Gordie & Lylle (@pointerproblems) Gordie is the serious one, Lylle is a smiley rescue dog. Together they are a pointer dream team!


A thief of socks and man of mystery, but the real mystery is how did he get so cute?!

4. Loki (@lokiofmn) Like any good Minnesotan, Loki likes to spend his summer at the lake. We love him already.  

These pint sized teddy bear pups will bring some sunshine and puppy smiles to your feed!

Know of a dog Instagram we should be following? Leave it in the comments!

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